Sean Cooper Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists With New Book On Investing, says KSBY

Sean Cooper tops best-seller lists in the United States and with his new book, The Truth About Investing: Back to Basics.

The new book, which is targeted at beginning investors, is written as an educational and step-by-step guide for someone new to investing.

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Inside “The Truth About Investing: Back to Basics”

For Beginners and More Experienced Investors:

explore easy to use fundamental investment strategies
uncover the top causes for under-performance in your portfolio
understand the irrationality of crowds and sway of the media on investing
select the right Financial Advisor for your goals

Advanced Concepts for Advanced Readers:

According to Dalbar’s annual study, the average equity mutual fund investor underperformed the S&P 500 by over 8% in 2014.  If you want to be more than a statistic, to enjoy life now and plan for a comfortable retirement, this book can show you how.

Learn how investing has morphed from a livelihood of insight, ownership, and intuition, to a psychological roller coaster of over exuberance and fear, and how to turn back the clock on your investment strategy to regain your investment sanity.  Read in depth analytical strategies and decide how far you want to take your investing via guides on portfolio construction and management methodologies.

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