Full Financial Plans

What does it mean to have a full financial plan?  To me, a full financial plan covers everything from budgeting, to investing, to portfolio construction and analysis, to retirement.  A full financial plan means I help you plan your ideal financial situation, taking account for as many purchases and monetary outlays as we can reasonably foresee. We will start with your current income and spending habits, including fixed expenditures and variable expenditures.  From there, we will project what you will likely need to flourish in retirement at your desired retirement age.  That number can further be used to determine how much money you need to save annually in order to meet that goal.  By incorporating other large purchases like future cars, houses, or expensive vacations, we can break down how much money you will need, and when.  This will give us a better picture of how best to invest your funds to reach these goal, and can help us back into how much we need to invest initially in shorter term versus longer term buckets. By the end of our planning session, I will be able to provide you with a spreadsheet and summary of your daily budget, how much you need to save every year/month, how those funds should best be invested to give you the greatest chance of attaining your goals, and illustrating the projected growth and monetary outlays of these accounts.

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This service is provided for $2,000.00.  Please see my menu of services for a reduced pricing schedule for this service.

Fit Financial Consulting LLC is a Colorado domiciled registered investment advisor.