Fit Financial Consulting LLC is a Colorado domiciled registered investment advisor.

Customized Portfolios

Whether you prefer to avoid investments in certain social sectors (socially responsible investing), need to hold certain assets for tax purposes, or simply feel the need to invest in XYZ Corporation, a wholly customizable portfolio may be right for you.  A customized portfolio allows you to create a well diversified investment plan while tailoring the portfolio to fit your individual needs and wants.

Due to the time requirements and higher trading costs associated with fully customized portfolios, this level of personalized portfolio constructions is reserved for clients with a minimum of $1,500,000.00 in assets under management with Fit Financial Consulting LLC.

Specialty Portfolios

At this time I offer one specialized portfolio for those clients with sufficient assets to take on the risk of having a stock-only model as a piece of their overall portfolio.  This portfolio invests long only in 20 to 30 individuals stocks with an emphasis on value and steady dividend streams.  The portfolio is further bolstered through the use of a covered call strategy which can not only enhanced returns but dampen the affects of a bear market.   

Due to the risks and higher trading costs associated with this portfolio, it is reserved for clients with a minimum of $300,000.00 in assets under management with Fit Financial Consulting LLC.

Diversified Portfolios

For all of my clients I offer an array of fully diversified portfolios.  These portfolios typically consist of 20 to 30 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and the occasional mutual fund.  These portfolios range from being very conservative, offering downside protection while generating slight growth or income, to very aggressive, emphasizing the growth aspect of the portfolio.  All of these portfolios, though, were developed to minimize volatility for the level of return they seek to provide.  Being diversified into multiple asset classes, including alternatives, these portfolios do not require active management, but are instead continuously monitored and reallocated every six months.

Investing & Money Management

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