Fit Financial Consulting LLC is a Colorado domiciled registered investment advisor.

Outside portfolio construction and analysis is provide for $1,000.00.  Please see my menu of services for a reduced pricing schedule for this service.

Existing Portfolios

Not entirely sure your existing portfolio is set up to meet your needs?  Perhaps it’s time to have a third party review your portfolio.  Whether you are looking to reduce your risk, improve your growth prospects, or starting to gear your portfolio toward taking income, I can help you assess and tailor your existing portfolio to more fully align with your goals.  Ultimately you will still be in the driver’s seat, I’ll just be here as that annoying back seat driver that you can go along with, or kick out, as you see fit.

Please call or email for additional information.

Portfolio Ideas

Are you taking a first attempt at building your own portfolio?  Or possibly continuing to manage one you’ve had in place but see some hurdles in the future you’d like to address?  Much like the way I help clients review their existing portfolio’s, I can be hired on a one off basis to help you build out a portfolio to suite your needs and fit your desire to do it yourself, with a dash of expert advice on the side.  Whether you choose to go it alone, would like a bit of extra guidance on the side, or prefer to have someone take over portfolio management entirely, I’m here to help.

Portfolio Analysis and Construction